Lucky Seven catches up with Sagent Staygold. One of the most influential and colourful figures from LAs flourishing art and tattoo scene.

Hi Sagent, How the devil are you?

How am I, busy as hell!

What piece of art are you most proud of doing?

The most proud of piece was the last piece I tattooed on a fellows chest 5 minutes ago. Staying in the now and current.

Tell us about the paradise army?

Paradise Army is a brain child of mine that started out by just going on vacations to Hawaii. My art work and designs for the Paradise Army stand for respect. They stand for being a lady or a gentleman when you visit different places and to respect and cherish those different cultures you come across on your journey, also for others after you so they can enjoy the natural beauty of the environment. Live Aloha

You’re currently living and working in the city of angels. You’ve lived and worked in a lot of places around the world. Where have you most enjoyed living?

Living in Germany & Nigeria but I have to say Los Angeles where I live currently has been good to me the last 12 years. California is a great state to dwell in for sure.

In your line of work you must come across all types of weird and wonderful people . What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

The last funniest thing! Man come on after tattooing for over 20 years it blends all together! It’s the conversations people have when they are getting tattooed it opens them up! Talking about dildos are there best friend ha it’s like you are a tattooer and psychologist!!!!

What was your very first tat?

My first tattoo I did was a black star.

If you could tattoo anyone with anything, who would it be and what would you do?

I do my dream tattoos on people every day i’m steady working and I tattoo a paradise army design every time i’m at the studio so i do have my dream job!!!

If you could imagine a piece of your art as a patch on one of our hats. What would you go for?

Oh let’s see what patch duh... PARADISE ARMY.

Where did the nickname yo grilzzzz come from?

YO GRILLZ is a nick name I got from a customer a while back she just kept yelling hey yo grillz ... since i have gold teeth no fronts cos I ain’t frontin’ haha.

You seem like a pretty cool dude yourself but who is the coolest person you know?

The koolest person I know is my life partner and wife with out her I would have no direction, and Duke Kahanamoku the hawaiian surfer.

What music are you bumping at the moment?

The Budos Band it’s nice and chill to listen to right now.


Thank You Sagent Speak spoon.

Thanks Mahalo


You can check out more about Sagent and the work he does at his website 


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