777 World Marathon Round Up

The mammoth physical, phycological and logistical challenge of 7 full 26 mile marathons across 7 continents is now drawing to a close. As competitors make there way to Miami for the final leg.

What a challenge it’s been. We’ve been following Chris along every step of the way through this 183.5 mile endeavour in Novo, Cape Town, Perth, Dubai, Madrid, Santiago and Miami.

Chris has done an incredible job making his way through the continents battling the cold in Antarctica and extreme humidity in Dubai. As well as improving on his finishing time along each leg of the way. finishing the 6th Marathon in Chile in 5:12:12 This is almost 1.5 hours quicker than the first.

The whole team of competitors have managed a truly incredible performance with Michael Warden set to break the record with an incredible cumulative time of 11:56:12 going into the final stage.

The final and 7th intercontinental marathon brings Chris to Miami for a 1900 start time and he is on schedule to easily complete the challenge within the 7 day, 168 hour mark.

Throughout this remarkable challenge donations to our Charity partner and Chris’ two chosen charities Teenage Cancer Trust and Teen Cancer USA have been flooding in to the tune of an outstanding $28,000. With further donations still to come. These incredible charities do amazing work in supporting young peoples battle against cancer.

We truly hope you have enjoyed following Chris’ journey as much as we have.

About Chris Jonns

Chris Jonns has been a serial entrepreneur and investor for the last fifteen years developing a diverse portfolio. Whilst born in the UK, Chris has lived in New York for the last 20 years and provided advice and guidance to many entrepreneurs both sides of the Atlantic. He is the founder of Rewired, the group that owns Lucky Seven, along with being at the core of establishing all Rewired’s current portfolio of brands. Chris was also one of the founding partners of leading brand Pretty Green. As a serial investor, one of his most significantinvestments is in Biosceptre, a UK headquartered biotech developing next-generation cancer therapeutics.

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February 06, 2019