The marathon(s) of all marathons is about to begin. The team are getting ready to leave Cape Town on a 5am flight to Nova, Antarctica. After a 5-hour journey they’ll run their first marathon before embarking the plane and heading straight back to Cape Town.
When the team land they have a 2-hour rest before the second marathon starts at 8am on Friday, once completed they’ll immediately board the aeroplane and jet across to Perth, Australia and begin marathon number 3 after a 16hour flight! See the full schedule below. 

Chris has raised an amazing $10,000 so far for the extraordinary charities but let’s help him reach the goal of $150,000!

About Chris Jonns

Chris Jonns has been a serial entrepreneur and investor for the last fifteen years developing a diverse portfolio. Whilst born in the UK, Chris has lived in New York for the last 20 years and provided advice and guidance to many entrepreneurs both sides of the Atlantic. He is the founder of Rewired, the group that owns Lucky Seven, along with being at the core of establishing all Rewired’s current portfolio of brands. Chris was also one of the founding partners of leading brand Pretty Green. As a serial investor, one of his most significantinvestments is in Biosceptre, a UK headquartered biotech developing next-generation cancer therapeutics.

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January 30, 2019