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The Deluxe Trucker cap is our 5th generation trucker style cap and has undergone a whole load of new design changes with extra details added. We call it the T5. Our Jet Black T5 features a 5 panel trucker design. It has a black cotton front panel, visor, inside panel embossed with our famous logo and sweatband, coupled with a polyester thick white mesh back.

We have completely and lovingly redesigned the trucker cap, starting with the visor. typical cap visors are just 2mm thick, which easily warp and don’t last. Our visors are 4mm thick allowing for a stronger shape. The inside foam we use for the front panel is far thicker than most. It can be squashed, stood and sat on without losing the structured shape we love. Unlike most caps, the panel on the inside is covered with cotton and embossed with our famous logo. The double stitching and quality materials are held together by a large clasp at the top of the cap, forming the bobble on the top. Ours are almost double the size of the standard, and we use a clasp rather than the traditional pin. Being the only company to use a clasp we can ensure the long life of our deluxe truckers. We design our caps, and use an Italian manufacturer with factories in China.

Our caps come in 3 sizes – Small / Medium / Large. All have snapback adjusters and the Medium will fit most adult heads. Please use these measurements as a guide and email us if you have any questions :

Small: 52-56 cm / Medium: 54-59 cm / Large: 55-62 cm


Scrambled eggs, oak leaf clusters or as we call them crests are the leaf like shapes on the visor of military hats. Although they’re typically gold, we’ve done away with tradition and stock them in almost every colour to make our caps even more customisable. Our crests are manufactured by an American company established in 1885 that supply crests and patches for all of the US Military and Scouts of America, so they’re the best in the business. These crests are beautifully detailed with directional stitching which makes our caps stand out from the rest.


All of our patches are designed from scratch. The film inspired patches are researched by tracking down original costumes and props and we try to make them as screen accurate as possible, and for some, we do use a touch of artistic license to make them even better.For the commissioned patches we work closely with our collaborators to either adapt elements of an existing logo or to design something which is unique just to them.We use the best manufacture we know, an American company established in 1885 who know all about quality and detail, something you don’t get anywhere else. Using directional stitching we can give a patch greater detail and a 3D effect from the rest.


Once an order is received a real human being makes your cap just for you. We use a specialised bit of kit called a cap heat press that, you guessed it, heats and presses the visor crests and patch onto the cap, sealing it all together. We then box it up in our specially designed cap box and ship it to your door.



Great care has gone into the design and production of our Lucky Seven caps and we hope you enjoy them. However, like all things you wear they’re going to get dirty so here is our guide to keep your cap in tip top condition.For dusty caps simply wrap some sticky tape around your hand and gently dab it off. This will remove most bits and pieces and help to raise the cotton twill thread to make it look good as new. For tough non-greasy marks try gently rubbing them out with a dry clean nail or tooth brush in the direction of the cotton twill. If the mark still shows then dab a little water on it and try again with the brush, never soak your cap. You can dry it in a warm place or with a hair dryer on a low setting. For greasy stains you will need to first gently rub it with a damp clean cloth then dab the stain with a bit of mild detergent on the end of the cloth. Repeat until the stain fades out. Please remember greasy stains can only be reduced and not removed. Dry the cap as directed above.For sweat marks try a wet, clean tooth or nail brush in the direction of the cotton twill and for bigger stains around the headband try wetting the cotton and then giving it a good rub. If it’s still there then try it again but with some mild detergent before rinsing it out with a clean wet cloth and repeating until clean. Remember the stain might not be gone completely but at least the cap is clean. If your cap gets soaked then simply dry it out with a hair dryer on a low setting and to keep its firm stuff it with a towel. Try not to leave it to dry in direct sunlight as this may fade the colour slightly. Curving the visor to suit your taste is expected. This can be done by simply curving it in your hands and holding it in the desired position for a while. The visor is made of a semi soft plastic that will hold the shape you want.