The latest collection in our UK industrial revolution series comprises of British motorcycle companies founded during the industrial revolution, each iconic logo tells a story.

The BSA Trucker, a brilliant logo. Crying out to become a patch. The Birmingham Small Arms Company Ltd. built firearms, tools, cars, bicycles and most famously motorcycles between 1919-1972.Post war demand saw the factory in Small Heath, Birmingham turned over entirely to motorcycle production.

The next in the series is inspired by Triton motorcycles. These were not factory models but hybrid bikes build privately in the 1960s & 70s. The name Triton is a mixture of Triumph & Norton.Builders fitted Triumph engines into Norton frames with the aim to combine the best elements of each marque and thus gain a bike superior to either. Many Tritons were configured as single-seater cafe racers often utilising Nortons featherbed frame and Triumph parallel twin Bonneville engine.


The Velocette baseball inspired by a small family owned motorcycle manufacturer but sold almost as many hand built bikes during it’s lifetime as the mass-produced BSA & Nortons.

Many of Velocettes patented designs are commonplace on motorcycles today.

Finally, the Vincent Baseball Is inspired by the motorcycle company know as “the makers of the world’s fastest motorcycles” they began with the purchase of HRD Motors ltd by Philip Vincent in 1928.

HRD was founded by British Royal Flying Corps pilot Howard Raymond Davies who conceived the idea of building motorcycles whilst he was a prisoner of war after being shot down by the Germans in 1917.

We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do and the history and stories behind these brilliant brands. 

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April 05, 2019