Everyone loves the number seven. There’s a reason we’re called Lucky Seven, it’s because seven is so, well lucky. It’s a put a smile-on-you-face kind of number, one that’s bound-up in hope, fortune and success. It’s the most worn-out pocket on roulette wheels the world over, the most popular Lotto number, the big triple strike on a fruit machine.


No surprise then that when Justin Bieber Insta announced his engagement to Hailey Baldwin he said: “We got engaged on the seventh day of the seventh month, the number seven is the number of spiritual perfection, it’s true GOOGLE IT!”


Stop shouting Just, we totally agree. Think about it: seven days in a week, seven colours of the rainbow, Seven Wonders of the World, and according to Kurosawa, Seven sword-wielding Samurai. Don’t forget the world was made in seven days and when it comes to deadly sins, that’s right, there’re seven to choose from. Okay, so not everyone subscribes to the same theological schools of thought but for the more Eastern of mystics, Hinduism counts not one, not two, but seven chakras.


Moonwalking mystic Michael Jackson was also seven-obsessed. The King of Pop not only wore a 7 on his top in the ‘Scream’ music vid, he also sported a 7-emblazoned hat on the ‘Dangerous’ album cover, had 7 embossed on the top of each of his leg guards during the HIStory World Tour, and wore plasters on only three of his fingers, leaving seven free. Plus, 777 appears on the arm of Michael’s statue on the ‘HIStory’ album cover while on the ‘Blood On The Dance Floor’ album cover Mike has his body contorted into the shape of a 7. There are at least seven other spooky Jacko references to seven (not kidding, GOOGLE IT!), but the one we like best is that his longest serving Number One hits in the US were ‘Black Or White’ and ‘Billie Jean’, both of which rocked the top of the charts for seven weeks a piece.


There had to be a reason, or 777 reasons, why we’re so happy to be called Lucky Seven.

September 26, 2018