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Chocolate Brown T5 (Small)

Chocolate Brown T5 (Medium)

Chocolate Brown T5 (Large)

Slate Grey T5 (Small)

Slate Grey T5 (Medium)

Slate Grey T5 (Large)

Jet Black T5 (Small)

Jet Black T5 (Medium)

Jet Black T5 (Large)

Navy Blue T5 (Medium)

Navy Blue T5 (Large)

Royal Blue T5 (Small)

Royal Blue T5 (Medium)

Bright Blue T5 (Medium)

Bright Blue T5 (small)

Bright Green T5 (Small)

Bright Green T5 (Medium)

Lemon Yellow T5 (Medium)

Light Pink T5 (Small)

Bright Orange T5 (Small)

Bright Orange T5 (Medium)

Bright Red T5 (Small)

Bright Red T5 (Medium)

Dark Red T5 (Medium)

Light Grey T5 (Medium)

Jet Black T4 (Small)

Jet Black T4 (Medium)

Jet Black T4 (Large)

Army Olive T4 (Small)

Jet Black T6 (Small)

Navy Blue T6 (Small)

Navy Blue T6 (Medium)

Navy Blue T6 (Large)

Army Olive T7 (Medium)

Navy Blue T7 (Medium)

Royal Blue T8 (Medium)


arcade 1

Covenant Building Better Worlds 1

Covenant Building Better Worlds 2

Covenant USCSS

Covenant Weyland

Eat Locals

Hawkins Power and Light 1

Hawkins Power and Light 2

Cafe Racer Dreams bright blue

Cafe Racer Dreams fuchsia pink

Cafe Racer Dreams silver

Cafe Racer Dreams Gold

Knuckle Duster


Eddie the Eagle 1


Mr. Strong

Mr. Tickle

Mr. Bump

Mr. Happy

Little Miss Chatterbox

Little Miss Sunshine

Lone Pine Mall


Mr. Fusion 1

Mr. Fusion 2

Mr. Fusion 3

Wild Bill

The Union Club

Expendables 2

Expendables 1

Rocky Mountain Fur Company

Shell Aviation Gasoline

Vintage Shell

Aeroshell 2

Aeroshell 1

Salvation 2

Richard III

Queens Park Harriers


Rufus Hound

The Hellfire Club

Galatrona Petrolo


Eroica 2

Eroica 1


Bamford Watch Department 1

Bamford Watch Department 2

Jimmies Farm



General Lee

Cooter's Garage

Dixie Duke

Hazard County Sheriff

Smokey and the Bandit

Pontiac Firebird

Las Vegas Mint 400 3

Las Vegas Mint 400 4

Las Vegas Mint 400 5

Mos Eisley Port Authority

Corellian Engenering Corp.

Blue Harvest silver

Blue Harvest gold

USCSS Nostromo 1


Building Better Worlds

Delta Squad

Weyland Mega Corp.

Weyland Corp.

Weyland Wings

Weyland Yutani Wings

Nostromo Wings

Yutani 1

Yutani 2


Tyrell Corp. 5

Tyrell Corp. 6



Off World

Encom stealth

Encom classic 2

Encom classic 1


Encom Video Games 4

Encom Video Games 2

Encom Space Paranoids 1

Encom Space Paranoids 2

Encom Space Paranoids 3

Circuit Cycles

Flynns Arcade

TRON Legacy 89

Blue Thunder

Ewing Oil

Buck Rogers Flag

Alpha Beta

Con Am 27

Federal Security Agency

Cyberdyne Systems

Total Rekall

Federal Colonies 1

Federal Colonies 2

Lewis & Clark


OCP Security Concepts

Cobra Kai

All Valley Karate Championship

Spector 1

Spector 2


Drax Enterprise Corp.

Zorin Industries

Pussy Galore's Flying Circus

Movember Golf

Movember Star

Movember Smile

Movember Fun

Team Lucky Seven x Movember & Sons

Movember Move It

Gold (Metallic)

Silver (Metallic)

Jet Black

Slate Grey

Light Grey

Bright White

Bright Yellow

Lemon Yellow

Bright Orange

Light Pink

Fuchsia Pink

Bright Red

Rust Red

Dark Red

Wine Red

Bright Purple

Navy Blue

Royal Blue

Bright Blue

Powder Blue

Light Blue

Aqua Blue

Apple Green

Bright Green

Dark Green

Chocolate Brown

Army Olive

Army Khaki

We have completely and lovingly redesigned the trucker cap, making it ready for you to customise. It can be squashed, stood and sat on without losing the structured shape we love. Unlike most caps, the panel on the inside is covered with cotton and embossed with our classic logo. The double stitching and quality materials are held together by a large clasp at the top of the cap, forming the bobble on the top.

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All of our patches are designed from scratch. The film inspired patches are researched by tracking down original costumes and props and we try to make them as screen accurate as possible, and for some, we do use a touch of artistic license to make them even better.

We use the best manufacture we know, an American company established in 1885 who know all about quality and detail, something you don’t get anywhere else. Using directional stitching we can give a patch greater detail and a 3D effect.

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Scrambled eggs, oak leaf clusters or as we call them crests are the leaf like shapes on the visor of military hats. Although they’re typically gold, we’ve done away with tradition and stock them in almost every colour to make our caps even more customisable. Our crests are manufactured by an American company established in 1885 that supply crests and patches for all of the US Military and Scouts of America, so they’re the best in the business. These crests are beautifully detailed with directional stitching which makes our caps stand out from the rest.

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Once an order is received a real human being makes your cap just for you. We use a specialised bit of kit called a cap heat press that, you guessed it, heats and presses the visor crests and patch onto the cap, sealing it all together. We then box it up in our specially designed cap box and ship it to your door.

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Great care has gone into the design and production of our Lucky Seven caps and we hope you enjoy them. However, like all things you wear they’re going to get dirty so here is our guide to keep your cap in tip top condition.

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