Lucky Seven x Rugman Art


Lucky Seven launches an exclusive capsule collection with graphic artist RUGMAN (Anthony McEwan). Working in tandem, the designs created by RUGMAN are inspired by a mutual understanding of worldly outlooks. This collection highlights both creatives love for trucker style headwear, as well as a similar vision for the importance of caring for others and mutual collaboration to benefit the world around.


The collection comprises of four trucker caps, four T-shirts and three hoodies each featuring unique graphics. The style of illustration is heavily inspired by American popular culture alongside references to motorcycle and tattoo culture.

Two designs feature animal imagery representing the relationships between different animals who come and work together for the common good. Using this symbolism, the designs suggest a need for humbleness and awareness of the world around you. Across the range you will spot either an image or a symbol which references the Corvus Corax; Latin for the common raven, a passerine bird eternally linked to mythology and folklore. The raven is also renowned for its altruistic nature and in particular for its mutually beneficial co-existence with wolves, which is expressed collaboratively at dinner time. A raven silhouette is featured on a jet-black style with a grey mesh as well as ‘CC’ for Corvus Corax across the range.

The collection also features designs that pay homage to each creative’s area of expertise. RUGMAN’s iconic bearded man is embroidered featured on a white and black t-shirt. Featuring an open third eye symbolising enlightenment, wisdom and awareness.

The Lucky Seven x RUGMAN collection celebrates the fruitful outcome of when individuals work together and the incredible talent.



Over the last 18 years, Anthony has worked as a graphic artist in the fashion industry. He has travelled, worked and lived in Glasgow, New York, LA, Paris and London. His clients have ranged from Donna Karan and Calvin Klein to Vans. Anthony has done many solo shows including The Saatchi Gallery London and has been involved in ground-breaking group shows exhibiting alongside the world’s leading street artists, most notably Cans Festival and Cans 2 organised by Banksy and Pictures on Walls, where 500,000 people visited on the opening weekend. His art has been exhibited in Barcelona, New York, California, Dublin, Stockholm and London and streamed seamlessly into the commercial world where he has collaborated successfully in projects with Hypebeast, Red Bull, NVIDIA, Edwin Jeans and Saatchi Gallery.


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