The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. Since 2003, millions have joined the men’s health movement, raising £402 million and funding over 1,000 programmes focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.

Every year we collaborate with Movember to produce a limited edition range of patches / caps. £5 from the sale of each cap goes to the Movember charity.

Movember Custom Made Caps


Your Cap


Slate Grey T5 (Small)

Slate Grey T5 (Large)

Slate Grey T5 (Medium)

Jet Black T5 (Large)

Jet Black T5 (Small)

Jet Black T5 (Medium)

Navy Blue T5 (Medium)

Navy Blue T5 (Large)

Royal Blue T5 (Medium)

Royal Blue T5 (Small)

Bright Blue T5 (Medium)

Bright Blue T5 (small)

Bright Green T5 (Medium)

Bright Green T5 (Small)

Lemon Yellow T5 (Medium)

Light Pink T5 (Small)

Bright Orange T5 (Medium)

Bright Orange T5 (Small)

Bright Red T5 (Medium)

Bright Red T5 (Small)

Dark Red T5 (Medium)

Light Grey T5 (Medium)

Jet Black T4 (Large)

Jet Black T4 (Medium)

Jet Black T4 (Small)

Army Olive T4 (Small)

Jet Black T6 (Small)

Jet Black T6 (Medium)

Navy Blue T6 (Large)

Navy Blue T6 (Medium)

Navy Blue T6 (Small)

Army Olive T6 (Medium)

Slate Grey T7 (Medium)

Army Olive T7 (Medium)

Navy Blue T7 (Medium)

Royal Blue T8 (Medium)

Movember Golf

Movember Star

Movember Smile

Movember Fun

Team Lucky Seven x Movember & Sons

Movember Move It

Gold (Metallic)

Silver (Metallic)

Jet Black

Slate Grey

Light Grey

Off White

Bright White

Mustard Yellow

Bright Yellow

Lemon Yellow

Bright Orange

Light Pink

Fuchsia Pink

Bright Red

Rust Red

Dark Red

Wine Red

Bright Purple

Royal Blue

Bright Blue

Powder Blue

Light Blue

Aqua Blue

Apple Green

Bright Green

Dark Green

Chocolate Brown

Army Olive

Army Khaki

Can’t decide? Here are a few we made earlier

Free Movember Enamel Hat Pin

Every Lucky Seven Movember cap comes with an exclusive high quality polished metal and black enamel moustache cap pin.
We designed a unique way to fix our cap pins using two flexible spiked prongs that penetrate the mesh and then bend outward and flush to the fabric so you will never get a sharp pin sticking into your head.

More collaborations

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