EXTREME is today’s lifestyle brand with attitude. With action sports at its core the brand also encompasses music, fashion and art and is fuelled by non-conformity, creativity & experimentation.


Your Cap


Royal Blue T8 (Medium)

Jet Black T7 (Medium)

Slate Grey T7 (Medium)

Army Olive T7 (Medium)

Navy Blue T7 (Medium)

Jet Black T6 (Medium)

Army Olive T6 (Medium)

Jet Black T5 (Medium)

Light Grey T5 (Medium)

Lemon Yellow T5 (Medium)

Bright Orange T5 (Medium)

Bright Orange T5 (Small)

Bright Red T5 (Small)

Dark Red T5 (Medium)

Light Pink T5 (Small)

Bright Blue T5 (Medium)

Royal Blue T5 (Medium)

Royal Blue T5 (Small)

Bright Green T5 (Medium)

Bright Green T5 (Small)

Army Olive T4 (Small)

Ex Spray JB

Ex Spray BW

Ex Spray BR

Ex King of Concrete

Ex Tape Not

Ex Tape Local

Ex Top JB 2

Ex Top JB 1

Ex Top LG

Ex Top LB 6

Ex Top RB

Ex Top BY

Ex Top BR

Gold (Metallic)

Silver (Metallic)

Jet Black

Slate Grey

Light Grey

Off White

Bright White

Mustard Yellow

Bright Yellow

Lemon Yellow

Light Pink

Fuchsia Pink

Bright Red

Rust Red

Dark Red

Wine Red

Bright Purple

Navy Blue

Royal Blue

Bright Blue

Powder Blue

Light Blue

Aqua Blue

Apple Green

Bright Green

Dark Green

Chocolate Brown

Army Olive

Army Khaki

Can’t decide? Here are a few we made earlier